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Be the first to try our new line of dry teas!

Four delicious blends that deliver the same fiery ginger and spice blend you love in our concentrates!
Perfect for taking on the road or savoring at home or work. Enjoy free shipping on our 4 Tin Dry Tea Variety Pack!


Bhakti Chai Dry Tea


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4 Gallon Case

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Looking for our iced ready-to-drink bottles?

We are unable to ship our iced bottles due to their shorter shelf life.
To find out where they are sold near you, check out the Find Bhakti section of our site.

Online Order Inquiries

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Wholesale Order Inquiries

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Reusable Glass Jars

Bhakti Chai quart jars are reusable (more sustainable than recycling) so wash out with hot water and use them to store nuts, beans, oats, granola, buttons, use for watercolor brushes or as a drinking jar during yoga instead of plastic water bottles!

Get Bhakti Chai Locally

If you have a favorite café or coffee shop you think would be perfect for Bhakti Chai, email austin@bhaktichai.com and we’ll make the connection!

Freeze It

Did you know you can freeze Bhakti Chai to extend the shelf life? Just shake the bottle(s), open them up and air out a bit (to allow for expansion) and pop them in the freezer!